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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just What DNA Needed....

A little break. DNA finished school this semester, got straight "A's" and has been able to take it easy for a couple of weeks. DNA really needed to recharge the batteries.

So, what is next for the intrepid Vibrator? Well, if you didn't know, the Hangar 9, one of DNA's favorite places to play, collapsed under the weight of ice and snow during the ice storm earlier this year. DNA has been hard at work composing a song about the Hangar. One of the lines of the chorus: "I mis-spent my youth at the Hangar 9. I don't remember most of it, but I'm told I had a wonderful time." DNA is working on getting a potential song list ready for recording. There are many songs that DNA had worked up but didn't make the last record. Some of them will see the light of day. DNA will also do a couple of covers, and as always, a Christmas song. Any suggestions?

There are also some really old really obscure (read: even the other guys in the band wouldn't remember them) Coolies' songs that DNA will resurrect, such as Red Light, Green Light, The Cartwrights, This Song Was Written For My Friend, Jim, 6 or 7, and Voice Of Democracy. That's just a few of the old turds DNA is considering polishing. There are also the new songs he has started, and the last of the original DNA material that still needs recording.

DNA is going to work on transferring old cassette material of the Coolies and old DNA Vibrators song ideas into a digital format this summer. As he uncovers any interesting tidbits, he will display them here for you.

DNA has completed approximately 50 pages of material for the top secret project that involves a printing press.

If you didn't know, a hurricane-sized storm ripped through Carbondale a couple of weeks back, while DNA was at work. It was pretty wild, watching trees get uprooted, and roofs ripped of buildings. It was the strongest wind he had even seen. They say the winds peaked between 100 and 150 miles per hour. That's a shitload of wind. DNA was without power at work for about a week, which is another reason why posts have been few and far between.

It has been awhile since DNA has talked a little about the music scene in the Dale. When DNA gets a minute, he might tell you about the infamous Bydatrax Studio of Mike Sharp.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Little Shop of Pictures....

Well, since the last post, we did the final show of the trifecta of Little Shop Of Horrors. DNA took some pictures to introduce you to Dave, Jason, and Shane. We had a pretty frankensteinish set up, but it worked well.

Here are some pictures from right before the show:

The little guy is not the drummer, he's the drummer's son.

DNA finished his Special Ed Law class, and his Philosophy of Education class. This means that DNA will get back to the real reasons for living real soon: booze and ass! Naw, not anymore, not really. Now it's writing and recording. DNA is going to be doing both in spades in short order.

Since last month, DNA has been working on a super special top secret project. It will involve a printing press. As it develops, DNA will tell you more. Until then, you'll have to ruminate amongst yourselves.