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Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Video From the Show...

Here is a link to the video from the song, "Well."

Here is a link to the video for part of the song, "Big Black Cadillac."

Her is a link to the video for part of the song, "The Three Deaths of Juan Belmonte."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pictures and a Movie....

Here are some pictures from the show, courtesy of Patrick Houdek.

Dr. Kick Ass is supplying some video of the event. Until then, let me link you to a page on facebook with the video on it: This House

Monday, July 5, 2010

On Saturday, the world changed....

...after the DNA Vibrators played a kick ass set out at Craig and Bert's 4th of July party. We started with the new song, "This House," and did about every song we had hoped to complete. We didn't know we were going to play until last week, we didn't practice, and our drummer, Dr. Kick Ass, and the H.O.G. had not played some of these songs ever before. The last time the three of us had played together was several years ago, as part of CRANK, at another Craig and Bert 4th of July.

As DNA commented on facebook, "Holy Crap. Jesus and the Buddha were in the audience tonight, and gave each other high fives after we played "Plate Tectonic King." We finished with a rendition of the song "Big Black Cadillac" and as we strummed the last chord, Jesus smiled, and a big black Cadillac appeared. This is why DNA is a Christian, cuz Bud...dha approves, but Jesus DELIVERS!"

Before the show, DNA had posted this: "If, at 7 pm this evening, something feels weird to you, its because The DNA Vibrators were playing and they changed the tilt of the axis of the earth from the power of their ROCK! Sorry about that. We'll be booking a show somewhere in the Indian Ocean to reverse that effect next month."

If you haven't had the chance to check, the earth's axis did change slightly on Saturday night, and DNA's friend Toney Stirewalt had a wish granted at the exact same moment. Here is his synchronous moment, also from facebook: "So, earlier, I'm watching Sneakers on cable. A 1992 movie with Robert Redford. About 30 or 40 minutes into the movie, I need to get away and help prepare dinner. I was a little bit interested in the movie, so I pressed pause on the remote. I don't have a DVR or tivo or anyting, the pause button doesn't do any...thing, normally. Later, after dinner, I go to netflix and request the movie to stream to my TV via my WII. The movie is already fast-forwarded to the spot I left off. That seems weird to me. Netflix knew where I hit pause on my comcast system. Does comcast own netflix? Does that pause button on my remote actually work? Is there another link I am missing? Is there always a missing link?"

To which DNA responded: "Interesting. Did you press pause out of habit, like you would if you had the movie on DVD or VCR, or were you pressing it while wishing you could pause the live broadcast? Wishes are very powerful things, you know.

It seems to DNA like that would be a lot of data that comcast or Netflix has to track on each one of its potential customers, on the off chance that they stop watching a movie and rented it later. Perhaps it was on a channel that Netflix quietly owns, and does track. Or perhaps you get your internet through comcast, and comcast and Netflix does have some kind of agreement worked about certain content. Or, maybe you rented it from Netflix one time before, and had to stop at that exact same spot and they restarted you from where you left off the last time.

Or, the wish thing. Perception makes up about 100% of our reality (maybe more), so DNA is not discounting the fact that you willed a connection between the two into existence."

The Reverend couldn't attend the party, and DNA has quit trying to corral Mr. Kamikaze into an appearance at this infamous shindig.

Here's DNA's "all is right with the world" moment from the show: While DNA was singing the lyrics to "The Future Is Rosie," (one of the lines being, "when you want time to slow down it moves too fast, and when you wanted it to fly, everything was standing by")at the exact time that DNA said, "fly," a biting fly landed on his ear and bit him, and while DNA continued to sing and play, and flail about wildly to hit the fly, it proceeded to zip away and bite DNA's other ear too! After the song was done, DNA said, "The fly on my ear while I was singing the word "fly" is one of the few examples of Nature's sense of humor at work. Natural irony. Lightning bolt!" Alas, a lightning bolt did not strike, but electricity was in the air all night long.