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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A lot of musical happenings this Christmas

Well. The Ph.D. means DNA doesn't get to write very much for himself anymore. This has been the longest DNA has went without posting to this blog since the blog began. DNA doesn't have time for more than a recap. Here's the recap:

The band code-named MPC is still alive. Chris sent me some great drum tracks. DNA has yet to find the time to do something with them, but he will....

The DNA Vibrators have recruited Gone Brian Vaughan, the H.O.G, Mr. Kamikaze, and Carleto to join him for a show up at the Hangar in May or June.

CRANK will be playing the 4th of July weekend at the Hangar and also at the infamous party at Craig and Bert's.

DNA has found some wonderful local musicians to play covers with in the Metropolis area. So far, we have one set down. These guys are good, and DNA is enjoying himself.

Also, DNA got a new bass, a Fernandes Tremor Deluxe, which sounds pretty good, and is a really pretty blue color.

DNA couldn't ask for more stuff happening musically. Seriously. He needs to stop some of this shit. Jeez.