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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snowstorms, Chicago, and Rosati's Pizza

Rosati's Pizza

On a recent business trip, DNA had to go to Chicago. As per his hellish ritual, he would drive for hours, do a presentation, and then drive for hours again to stay with his friend, Mr. Kamikaze and his family. After the event, a freak snowstorm blew up in the burbs and would have stranded DNA somewhere on I-270 unless he found a place to stay for the night. DNA had to abandon one element of the ritual, and called Mr. Kamikaze and told him to prepare to be disappointed, cuz DNA couldn't make it. The vague outline of a Hampton Inn glowed behind the white obscurity, and once DNA was settled, he performed the last rite of the ritual: Call a local pizza joint, and prepare to judge their product. If it is deemed worthy, then legend has it, that Jesus will visit their pizza joint in the guise of a beggar and if he is treated with kindness, then you can rub his belly and get three wishes.

So, DNA called a promising looking pizza place, Rosati's Pizza. The picture above is not a picture of the pizza DNA ordered, but it is from a Rosati's Pizza. DNA ordered a cheese and sausage pizza. On the LaRoma's Pizza Nirvana Quotient (LPNQ) Rosati's rated about an 81%, which is not bad. DNA should not have ordered the sausage, because he thought the sausage was just a little too much, and he imagines that if the sausage had not been there, Rosati's plain cheese would have rated about a 92% on the LPNQ. So, if Jesus does hang out by your dumpsters later this month, Rosati's guys, remember, rub his belly. An 81% might get you a wish or two (but probably not three).

A Quick Update

There are many things that DNA wants to weigh in on, but he has to limit himself to just some musical news. First, DNA is still climbing the local Reverbnation charts. Click on the reverbnation player on the sidebar to listen to the latest stuff DNA has posted.

Next, both Jason and the Scorchers and Stace England and the Salt Kings have released new albums. You would have to be dead not to like them. Check Stace England out at

Stace England's website

and check out Jason at

Jason and the Scorchers' website.

Alright, since last DNA posted, a few musical happenings have stirred. First, it is possible that CRANK will rise again this year. If so, then it is equally possible that the DNA Vibrators will play out too, and will be joined by Silver Spring Monkeys, the Reverend's new band. You can check his demos out at

the Silver Springs Monkeys facebook page.

Next, DNA has been in contact with Derek from several terrific Carbondale bands, and with Chris, also with a great Carbondale pedigree, who now lives in Minneapolis, and it looks like the wheels are going to turn on a new band, with an as-of-yet defined musical idiom.

Lastly, after reconnecting on facebook with my friend Jim, DNA had the chance to talk about an old Coolies' show, which he still has. He is burning it on CD for me, which means in short order, DNA will be digitally remastering it and putting it up on this here website for your listening pleasure or disgust, depending.

You'll have to catch me back later for pithy political, music scene, and religious bloviation. DNA is in the middle of a demanding semester for his Ph.D. in Kick-Assology.