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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Makin' Good On Promises...

A few days ago, DNA talked about a cover he's been working on for the new record. That cover is nearly done. "Big Bad John" is a song DNA listened to since before he was born, and is one that DNA couldn't wait to put his imprint on.

"Big Bad John"

If you note at the end, DNA sings, "At the bottom of this mine lies one hell of a man...Big John," which differs from the recorded version. In it, Jimmy Dean says, "At the bottom of this mine lies a big, big man....Big John," but the times being what they were, he couldn't say "hell" to describe some one, even though earlier in the song, "hell" is used in its more literal sense---to describe a worthless pit being a "man-made hell." Go figure. DNA has it on good authority that "hell" was the way to go at the end.

Tell me what you think about it. The original is one of DNA's favorite songs, and he doesn't think he's heard anyone else try to any kind of version of it other than a "country" version.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Latest Versions.....

Without further ado, here are some of the latest versions of songs which will be on the new album. Also, H.O.G. and I have been in contact, and it looks like we'll figure out some time to knock out a few solos and overdubs.

DNA expects to have the whole thing done before Christmas.

"It Could Have Been Worse"

"God Made Us Funky"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

American as DNA...

DNA hopes that you spent your Veteran's Day honoring a veteran. No, that was not said with sarcasm. Both of DNA's parents were veterans. My oldest brother is a veteran. His wife is a veteran, my niece's husband is currently in Iraq. My sister-in-law is a veteran, my wife's grandpa's were and are veterans, (respectively, one passed away, and one still here), and my favorite aunt who has also passed away was a veteran, too. Many other family members were also vets, but DNA thinks you get the drift.

So, even though it was a holiday, DNA went to work, caught up on some stuff he needed to do, spared some time to reflect on the sacrifices that many have made so punks like us can complain about well, everything, and then honored those folks as best he can: by doing something DNA loves to do!

Yes, DNA worked on some songs, and the new album is nearly ready. There is the matter of a couple of covers, and one or two more overdubs, the title, and then the album artwork. DNA has decided on a title, and it will not be any of the previously considered titles.

Previously considered titles included:

Return of the Purple-Headed Stranger


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Something Super Double Kick Ass!

Individual Arias From The Collective Opera

Three [even though it would be DNA's sixth record](go figure)

The Intersection of The Blatant and Sublime


The DNA Vibrators Aren't Gay: Your Face Is

and those were the good ones! Yes, DNA realizes they suck. But, this last title is the shiznit, for real:

"Walking The Highly Improbable Road From Obscurity to Total World Domination" by the DNA Vibrators.

DNA will put up clips from its recent recording session in the next few days.

Also, H.O.G., if you're listening, email or call DNA, cuz DNA gots some work for you to do.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Small Political Thought....

DNA doesn't have these very often. A political thought which actually makes sense. You see, DNA has read several times now from many sources, that the stock market actually performs better (higher returns) under democrats than it does under republicans, and furthermore, is less volatile. Probably the easiest to read summary is here. Basically, going back over 100 years, the stock market clearly prefers democrats in the white house, even though republican rhetoric is clearly more business and Wall Street friendly. Given this data, when asked why this is, most commentators and economists simply say that it is ironic, or is unusual, or doesn't make sense, but very few actually attempt to explain the phenomenon.

DNA thinks it knows the answer, or at least part of it, and it concluded that this answer is at least partly right because of the overriding refrain we hear about Iraq all the time. This refrain is as follows: The reason why Iraq's economy is terrible, and unemployment is sky-high, and infrastructure is falling apart at the seams, is because of the security situation. In fact, expert after expert says that the number one concern in Iraq is the security situation. Why? Why can't you have economic growth or steady employment, or new infrastructure projects when people do not have security? This is so obvious that no one argues it: In Iraq, because the government can't safeguard the basic need of security for its citizens, its citizens can't do the things they need to do to grow an economy. In other words, all things being equal, SECURITY is most important to the daily life of the Iraqi citizen. No security = no ability to resume normal life.

This is understandable. Security is a universal value, and is as true in Iraq as it is in the US. In fact, security is one of the few needs that take precedence over almost everything:

Safety, number two, only superseded by the most basic of our physiological needs.

This, DNA thinks, helps explain why stocks do better under a democratically controlled government. You see, just like in Iraq, people here need security to function correctly.

If security is necessary to create higher order social structures, then democratic policies, such as regulation to limit unfettered industries(which operate to make a profit, not to safeguard the public), taxation on those who make a shitload, and support of social services which help insure the basic needs of our citizens are met, equate to a more secure population. When we have fewer people concerned about putting food on their tables, or being able to pay for an emergency room visit, we have more people expressing confidence in their economy. If the credit crunch and stock market crash of 2008 has taught us anything, it is that confidence and trust are the most important commodities traded on the exchange.

The most basic function of government is security: security against foreign invaders, security for its citizens who need help, and security from elements within our own country to protect ourselves from ourselves. In the last eight years, we have focused on the first one at the expense of the other two. Most republicans focus on the first one at the expense of the other two. The other two are at least as important, and all three must be attended to or we lose confidence and trust in our government's ability to provide security.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Music News....

DNA stayed late at work the other day and began working on one of the last songs for the new record. DNA has always tried to add a cover song or two to his recordings, and this time around, the first cover will be "Big Bad John." This cover also continues a tradition of including a coal mining song on his records.

A couple of years ago, DNA's father-in-law suggested that DNA arrange an album of coal mining songs. So far, 16 tons and Big Bad John fits the bill. How many songs will constitute an album? What if DNA does a 20 minute version of "The Springhill Mine Disaster?" Surely that would be side A.

DNA has a couple in mind, like "Roof Boltin' Daddy," and "Mining Camp Blues," but if you have some favorite mining songs you would like to hear done by DNA, comment away.

Also, DNA will probably do a cover of either the song "Sandman," by America, "Join In The Chant" by Nitzer Ebb, or maybe even "All That I Wanted," by Belfegore.

Of course, DNA's version is pretty fuckin' creepy.

Imagine the dude singing two octaves above and below an actual note instead of shouting the whole thing.

Imagine DNA trying to copy this exactly, and DNA means exactly, as this is perhaps the most perfect example of post-punk, guitar driven new wave that there is.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This is not exactly a post about McSame and Failin' or Nobama and Hidin;' it's a post about where all this political posturing and bullshit begins.

My son, Carlito, was riding on the bus to school the other day (before the election results). He is a dork and kind of geeky, like his mom,(:D) and he was bending some kid's ear about how neither candidate was a good choice, but if he could vote, he would vote for...

and then some older kid in the back of the bus shouted, "Hey, retard! It's too early too talk about this shit! Why don't you shut up!"

To which he responded, "Why don't you?"

And then, "Good one, homo. You're gay!"

"No, you're gay!"

The older kid upped the ante: "Yeah, well your Mom's gay!"

Not to be outdone, Carlito said, "So's your mom!"

Then, the older boy capped it off: "Yeah, why don't you go home and kiss your gay mom!"

But, it ended with this, (DNA is so proud): "Why don't you go home and suck your mom's balls!"

The older boy did not like that very much. He gave Carlito, whom he outweighed about 2 to 1, a cold ass stare, and said, "You're dead."

So, that night, on the bus ride home, Carlito saw the older boy again, who kept staring at him. When Carlito got off the bus, the older boy said, "Good. Now I know where you live."

Carlito then felt physically threatened, and told us everything that happened. (DNA couldn't help but laugh when he heard Carlito give us the play by play. What was DNA supposed to do? Act like that shit wasn't funny?) But, when it was clear that Carlito was scared, and probably was going to get clocked for his mouth, then we had to step in. Then the principal had to step in, and ultimately, the high school kid realized that talking trash to a 7th grader is not something you should do if the 7th grader can make you look like a punk. the principal used the event to teach both boys when not to cross the line with each other.

So here is the lesson in politics: Disagree, posture, call someone out, call someone names, threaten violence, and then beat the crap out of someone. If we're lucky, the authorities step in and keep people civil. But, all too often, the last steps, from threatening violence to committing violence, happens without pause, or without an intermediary there to keep it from escalating.

As rancorous as this campaign has been, as fucked up as our system of government can be, we can't forget that instead of blood in the streets, we had a party last night. Instead of recriminations and gunfire, we had reconciliation and fireworks. Like Carlito and the guiding presence of the principal, our system has its boys and the invisible presence of our guiding principles.

Yeah, DNA couldn't resist that little rhetorical twist. Nice, huh? That what $40,000 of English degress buys you.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Few Of DNA's Favorite Things...

Well, well, well....

DNA has been writing all weekend long, and yet it feels like weeks since the last time he has seen this website. DNA has been busy. In the last couple of days, DNA finished uploading all the content from the previous website to this one, he updated a work related website, he updated a community related website, and started a family blog, called "American Girthic." If you are really interested in the non-musically related parts of DNA's life, then you can check it out HERE. It isn't all that. In fact, after posting there a few times, it is exactly what the title implies: American Gothic, except fatter.

However, having that outlet for the more personal and family-related information means that this blog will feature less and less of DNA whining about school and family stuff, and more and more of DNA concentrating on sex, drugs, and rock and roll, with the occasional foray into politics, philosophy, and religion, too.

Stats class has been kicking DNA's ass all semester, so music will probably have to wait until closer to the end of the semester. It looks more and more like DNA's wife will be laid off soon, so lots of depressing things like scavenging for food, stealing to live, and attacking creditors with icicle knives (the perfect murder weapon) will probably take up the majority of DNA's time. [did you notice, that in the paragraph before, DNA said that having a new family blog will means less whining about school and family life problems in this blog, and then 'smack,' he donkey punches you right in the base of the skull with some school whining and family problems? That takes some gall and some balls] However, there is a happy-go-lucky song in DNA's heart, that is taking him back to his days in the Coolies, a little bit ska, a little bit weird and funky, that will likely happen soon. It's based on the tone, meter, and frequency emitted by the fire alarm mounted in the kitchen, which goes off every time a puff of smoke comes out of the stove or oven (or steam from the dishwasher, for that matter). If it doesn't come out soon, like a "Scanner" on a bad day, DNA's head will explode:D

So, back to the title: Where are a few of DNA's favorite things? Well, not having to manually back up a month's worth of stuff anymore on this new and improved website, that's one; not having to label everything "permanent historical record" blah blah blah, is another; being in contact with many friends, old and new, who are enjoying the revised website, is yet another; having independent spaces for family stuff, work stuff, and community stuff is rounding out the top 5; and still kicking out reasonably good songs, after a pretty trying several weeks, is the 5th (in no particular order) in this list of DNA's favorite things.