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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

An Easter Story....

One day, not long ago, the Aimones
Annie Mr. Kamikaze
The Kids...
came down to visit DNA and family down in Metropolis. They had an Easter egg hunt. They ate lots of good food. They grilled out, and expressed appropriate awe over the huge HDTV in the living room. The next day, we all drove up to Mt. Vernon, or as we say, Mud Vermin, and met the Rodgers, Smiths, and Mayors crowd.

While we hung out, ate too much, and generally made unruly messes of ourselves at the local Fairfield Inn, around about 2 in the morning, Mr. Kamikaze and Big Mike and DNA ended up in one of the rooms, and Mr. Kamikaze rekindled an old idea we had to form a band, with just DNA and Mr. Kamikaze playing, and Big Mike in an easy chair screaming at people. All the songs we would play were covers, slowed way, way down. Molly, Big Mike's daughter, showed off her Audacity skills and let us listen to samples of songs like "Anna" by Trio, or "Stigmata" by Ministry at less than half speed. That night, we assembled a set list, and it seems pretty clear that we are going to play out sometime soon.

The moral of the Easter Story: Get DNA and Mr. Kamikaze drunk enough late enough on Easter weekend and they become willing to resurrect anything.

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